Silver Leaf Print created with Magnolia Editions

[Originally posted February 3rd, 2014]

Magnolia Editions is pleased to announce the publication of a series of innovative silver leaf prints on paper by Miya Ando, currently on view at Lora Schlesinger Gallery in Santa Monica.

The Brooklyn-based Ando‘s meditational, minimalist approach typically uses dyes, heat, sandpaper, acid, and patinas to create subtle abstractions of light and color upon the surfaces of anodised steel or aluminum. The artist’s techniques are a direct outgrowth of her heritage: raised in a temple in Okayama, Japan, she is descended from a family of sword makers turned Buddhist priests. Her recent practice finds her working at Magnolia Editions with master printer Tallulah Terryll, who invited Ando to the studio for a co-published edition that finds the artist expanding her practice to full-color works on paper.

2014-02-03_ silver leaf print_1.jpg