Miya Ando 2015 Holiday House NYC to benefit Breast Cancer Research

[Originally posted November 9th, 2015]

Holiday House NYC benefit event to support breast cancer research.
Featured artist Miya Ando has installed a floor-to-ceiling wall of Bodhi (Ficus religiosa) skeleton leaves, which she dyed individually and threaded together in an ombre effect. Varden designed furniture and lighting for the space, including the centerpiece, a prodigious tufted bed-and-sofa combination. Duvet cover, European shams and accent pillows: Aviva Stanoff. Holiday House NYC

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Pictured above:

“The Edge Of The Woods” hanging leaf installation, 120″ x 168″, Dyed Bodhi (Ficus Religiosa) Skeleton Leaves, monofilament. 2015

“Purple Leaf Mandala” – 56″ x 56″, Dyed, Sewn Bodhi (Ficus Religiosa) Skeleton Leaves, monofilament, 2015

“Black Red Diptych” 60″ x 60″, Urethane, Pigment, Dye, Resin, Aluminum, 2015