Raising The Temperature Exhibiton (Originally at The Queens Museum) opening May 2, 2014

[Originally posted April 29th, 2014]

Raising the Temperature: (Originally at The Queens Museum)
Art in Environmental Reactions
Opening reception:
Friday May 2nd, 20145-8pm

Curator: Luchia Meihua Lee
Hai Zhang (張海)
Jeremiah Teipen
Marlene Tseng Yu (虞曾富美)
Miya Ando (美夜)
Pey Chwen Lin (林珮淳)
Sarah Walko
Todd Gavin
Xi Fei (席非)

36-58 37th Street,
Long Island City, NY 11121

A 64 page color catalogue for this exhibition contains scholarly exposition, conversation between the artists and curator on this theme.

Skeleton Bodhi (Ficus Religiosa) Leaf Shroud, Queens Museum Exhibition at The Rainforest Foundation, Long Island City
1000 sewn and painted skeleton leaves, 77 x 44 inches.
Miya Ando