Upcoming Museum Exhibition

[Originally posted February 17th, 2015]

Beginning in April and lasting through September, the Worcester Art Museum will feature an exhibit of samurai in contemporary culture. The exhibit, called ‘Samurai!’ will be a collection of Japanese arms and armor from the John Woodman Higgins Collection.

“As we continue to integrate the Higgins collection into our own, we are creating transformative spaces within the Museum that immerse visitors in ideas emanating from a distant time period but continue to feed the imaginations of today’s most creative minds,” said WAM Director Matthias Waschek. “With the opening of Samurai!, the Museum encourages viewers to draw connections between fine art and popular culture, while sparking a dialogue on how western perceptions of eastern customs are manifested through these medium

The exhibit will include paintings, drawings, paper sculpture, and digital and woodblock prints. The exhbition will spotlight work by Japanese and American artists and illustrators including Miya Ando, James Jen, kozyndan, Mu Pan