"Tasogare" (Twilight)The time of Moonlight, Sunlight & Starlight solo exhibition Seattle Winston Wachter

Solo exhibition Seattle September 8,2016 @winstonwachter Gallery

"Tasogare" (Twilight)The time of Moonlight, Sunlight & Starlight

Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle is proud to announce Tasogare/Twilight (The Time of Moonlight, Sunlight and Starlight), our premiere solo exhibition with painter Miya Ando. The title Tasogare is the Japanese word for twilight, the time of day when sunlight, moonlight and starlight work together to transform the sky. She peacefully focuses our attention on the moment at hand, and reminds us that all time is in transition and temporal. Ando pays homage to her Japanese heritage of sword making and Buddhism, creating meditative landscapes on metal, using dye, urethane and resin. The careful selection of these materials allows Ando to produce pieces, which shift in the light, changing with each angle and viewer.